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Promoting friendship and understanding between the people of Indonesia and Australia

The Balinese Society of South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation in Adelaide where everyone can meet, pray, meditate, celebrate Balinese festivals, and pass on their traditions and values to their children and the next generation.

"Rainbows and multicultural societies are alike. Diversity makes them beautiful"

Vinita Kinra


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In 2019 the Balinese Society of South Australia established a task force with a long-term vision of building a Hindu Temple and other associated amenities for the benefit of the community. This facility will house all temple activities including praying, community events, festivals, art classes, etc. The Temple will operate a place of Hindu worship and conducting rituals in line with Balinese Hindu Dharma which will aid cultural and spiritual developments of our community.

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The estimated project value is $3,5 million (staged in three phases). BSOSA has approved the final architectural design of the temple and is now in the process of the second part of stage -1 (land acquisition). We are still seeking donations to purchase the land for the temple. If you would like the opportunity to volunteer and help with fundraising, please contact us. Local and overseas supporters are welcome.


In Adelaide there are Hindu devotees and people who are interested in aspects of Balinese culture that have arrived in Australia from all over the world. Our Jagatnatha Dakshina Mandala Temple will accommodate them all. All are welcome under Hindu Dharma's umbrella.



We envision a vibrant, modern, diverse and accepting community, in whichever part of the world we live, in which we celebrate the values we share and respect our differences through the lens of Balinese philosophy, called 'Tri Hita Karana.’ Tri Hita Karana literally translates to ‘Three Causes to Prosperity,’ bringing about harmonious and balanced relationships between humans and God, one another, and nature. We belief that this concept of Tri Hita karana can be applied universally to bring peace, welfare, and happiness to all humanity.  Learn more


A Multicultural Australia

Balinese Society of South Australia is dedicated to enriching the lives of community members in South Australia. Our volunteers work extra hard all year long in order to keep things interesting at Balinese Society of South Australia! There are a variety of programs and activities available for people of all ages to engage in, and we’re happy to offer our community a wide range of options for them to enjoy.


Learning the traditional music instruments such as Gamelan is a lot more than just doing a fun, stress-releasing activity, for it also provides a lovely experience that can serve to give you a deeper appreciation towards traditional music.



Discover traditional Balinese dance at our monthly workshops. It’s a wonderful way to expand one’s knowledge of the Bali-Hindu culture while enjoying a bit of exercise. We’ll provide the music, the sash and the sarong, so come join us for a few hours of fun!


The Balinese have kept a very strong connection with their culture and the many rituals that come with it. And if we have not lost the connection by now, it is safe to assume, that this wonderful and colorful culture will continue to stay with us.

Image by Pier Francesco Grizi

Balinese Society of South Australia is a registered charity organisation and a proud member of the Australia Indonesia Association of South Australia Incorporated (AIASA Inc.), a volunteer, non-profit community organisation established in 1967.

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